Apple and Cooper’s Litter 2018

We are so happy to welcome Apple’s beautiful puppies!!! She had 4 standard f1’s on May 6th.  They will be ready to go home June 30th.

Peaceful and beautiful mama Apple nursing and cuddling her pups

We had our first c-section experience! Apple started having contractions around 7am and had her first puppy soon after.  But then it was several hours of contractions without a puppy to be seen.  I am pretty holistically minded and really value the process of natural birth but could tell something wasn’t right.  I mentioned this to Jake, and he said that if I thought she needed help than we should bring her to the vet right away.  So we called our wonderful vet, who came in on a Sunday for us, and he was able to determine that one little guy stuck and blocking the way! He was able to perform a flawless c-section and safely retrieve the puppies.  Apple was able to come home that night and I am so impressed with her! We worked with her to help her find a balance of resting and wanting to tend to her pups.  Jake and I have been really involved in feeding so she can have ample time for recovery.  Since there are just 4 they are all getting a fair share of mama’s milk and they are all nice and plump! Nothing is more adorable than a plump little puppy! Her energy has been good and if you didn’t know she had just had a major surgery, you never would have known! We are just thrilled to have this new life in our home again.  Our two year old loves it and if he’s every groggy in the morning, all I have to do is whisper “puppies…” and he jumps right up and comes out to pet all of them.  Each one has to be held by him before we can do anything else! haha!

There is nothing I love more than puppies in the summer! Playing outside in the sun (and shade lol) is the best! So we are just in puppy heaven over here! All other times of the year, the weather is too extreme for the puppies and we have to wait until they are older but this warm spring has been PERFECT!

What can I do now?

The next step is to enjoy these precious little ones!! You still have plenty of time to get things ready to bring them home.

Here are some articles you can read as we begin this process that may be helpful:

New Puppy Checklist

10 Tips For First Time Puppy Parents

Top 5 Dog Training Books

Mostly, this is the watching and waiting time.  Every 7-10 days I will post updates for you to enjoy! I will also include more instructions/recommendations as we get to them.

Which puppy is mine?

I am doing the matchup process a little differently this litter than I have been.  Typically, I wait until the puppies are 7 weeks old to do a temperament test.  However, the last several litters their temperaments are all just varying degrees of responsive so it really came down to the gender and coat.  Then, we were getting so close to pickup day and people still didn’t know who was their puppy.  So this time, once the next person in line decides I will move on to the next family.  With this, you are absolutely okay to wait until the temperament tests.  But if you already know than I will go ahead and match you up (when it’s your turn)!

I will still preform a temperament test on each puppy.  I will video this process and post them on this page so you can see them and how adorable they are!

I am amazed at how smoothly all of the match-ups have gone.  The only problem I have run into is when someone get’s their heart set and then it’s chosen.  Instead, I ask that you keep your heart open to all the puppies.  Then, when it is your turn, narrow it down. And for now, just sit back and enjoy ALL their cuteness!

Here are they are!


Blue Collar-Male-34.4oz “Obi” Reserved



Purple Collar-Female-38.7oz



Teal Collar-Female-34.6oz



Yellow Collar-Female-37.2oz



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